GameRooms “R” Us provides an immersive arcade experience

Our card operated amusements system eliminates the need for cash, tokens and tickets. Simply purchase and reload your card at our self-service kiosk, when you’re finished, bring your card to our automated prize dispensing machine to redeem your tickets, which are stored on your card. Our service creates an atmosphere perfect for adding an extra edge to a child’s birthday party, as well as helping your adult customers to relive their childhood memories! GameRooms “R”Us provides you with excellent and easy to work with customer service. Let us create your dream arcade today!


Cash, credit and gamer registration, the Kiosk does it all!

It dispenses or recharges credits on your own BRANDED player RFID card, making cash accountability simple and real-time.

Accept Cash, Credit, Debit, Apple, Google or Samsung Pay.

  • Purchase or Reload Credits
  • Handles Gamer Registration
  • Dispenses RFID Gamer Cards
  • Total Cash Accountability


Attached directly to gaming machines, this reader completely replaces coin mechanisms and ticket dispenses prone to jamming.

  • Completely Replaces Coin Mechs
  • Dispenses ‘Virtual Tickets’
  • Collects and Stores Game/Player Data
  • Eliminates Ticket/Token Jams


Cutting edge prize vending technology completely eliminates the need for a staffed redemption counter.

  • Completely Self-Serve
  • Offers 40+ Prize Options
  • Total Inventory Control
  • Manage From Easy Web App
  • Supports Unlimited Virtual e-Prizes


Our service professionals have over 100 years of combined experience. We provide service 7 Days a Week – 365 Days a Year. You can count on Gamerooms “R” Us to keep your equipment in tip-top shape.

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